Nikon-NOOR Partnership

NOOR is a collective of professional photojournalists and documentary storytellers dedicated to raising awareness of contemporary global issues. Its photographers are drawn from countries around the world, all working on individual and collective projects.

Nikon and NOOR are project and education partners

Nikon is proud of its long-standing partnership with the NOOR collective of highly-accomplished photojournalists who document the complex issues facing our world today. As well as supporting NOOR's extensive photography projects like Food For Thought, an investigation into the food supply chain, Nikon also collaborates with NOOR on education, to inspire upcoming documentary photographers.

Nikon-NOOR Academy masterclasses are held regularly throughout Europe to offer aspiring photojournalists the chance to work closely with professionals to develop their skills. Participants have one-on-one portfolio reviews, learn technical skills in both shooting and post-production, and get pro advice on how to find a market for their stories.

Nikon-NOOR Academy

Aspiring photojournalists work with NOOR tutors to review portfolios, understand image sequencing, improve editing skills and learn how to develop stories. The Academy offers intensive one-on-one interaction with photographers on technical issues and how to navigate the international photo market. It is a unique opportunity to gain knowledge and contacts while developing a personal vision.