Power your creativity with 6K

More detail. More flexibility. More you. When you have the power of 6K resolution to work with in-camera, and pro-quality sound as you film, it’s so much easier to push your creative vision forwards.

Stay fluid with high-res, in-camera video formats

With the Z6III full-frame camera, you’re free to roll without external monitors. In-camera recording up to 6K/60p (RAW) and 5.4K/60p (YUV) lets you deliver pristine footage straight from the camera, pull HD verticals for your socials—and so much more. You can create detail-rich 4K UHD/60p video oversampled from 6K in-camera. Or shoot 10-bit log files with extensive depth and dynamic range, ready for precise colour grading.


Film majestic slow motion at 240p

Show the beauty of the moves inside the moves with majestic slow-motion sequences. You can record full frame, Full HD footage at 240p (10x slow motion). Or tighten the view without changing lenses by recording in DX-crop mode at 4K/120p. The option to record in 10-bit H.265 gives you maximum flexibility over colour grading in post.

Keep rolling . . .

Wedding parties, music performances, interviews. With the Z6III, you won’t need to stop. Hang around for the best bits. Show the whole story.


Line-level input for pro-quality sound

In a first for Nikon cameras, the Z6III’s external mic input can function as a line-level input that lets you connect your audio recorder or mixer directly to the camera. You’ll be able to capture professional quality sound in-camera while filming, saving you precious time—and money––in post.


High-resolution vari-angle touchscreen

No matter which angle you’re filming from, the fully articulating 2100k-dot vari-angle touchscreen always gives you a clear, highly detailed view of the scene. Key shooting information including a waveform can be displayed, and a red border frame confirms you’re recording. Filming yourself? You can flip the screen around to a front-facing orientation.

Made for one-person crews!

Stay compact, fluid , and ready to beat your own best. With only the small and agile Z6III full-frame camera, a lens, and perhaps an audio recorder for sound—you've got a full video system that keeps up with your creative momentum. You won’t need monitors, or external hard drives.





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Discover the Z6III for stills

Dream big—this small full-frame mirrorless camera will make it happen.

Additional information

1 Among full-frame/FX-format mirrorless cameras as of June 17th, 2024. Based on Nikon research.

2 8.0-stop Vibration Reduction measured using the telephoto end of the NIKKOR Z 24-120mm f/4 S. Based on CIPA Standards.

3 Focus Point VR is available in Photo mode when a NIKKOR Z lens without built-in VR is used. Focus Point VR is not effective when multiple focus points are displayed.