I AM Simona Smrčková and Kamil Saliba, wedding photographers

Simona and Kamil are wedding photographers who have been working together as a team since 2012. They joined forces as ‘more eyes can see more’ at a wedding, and working with different Nikon cameras and lenses allows them to capture a variety of perspectives throughout the special day. Simona for example can focus her time 100% on the bride, while Kamil can focus on the groom preparing for the big day.

Over the years they have captured great memories through their work, as well as finding new friendships. Simona and Kamil love doing what they do, capturing what they love the most - joy, happiness, and all the other strong emotions that come through on a wedding day.
Simona & Kabil


How did you get into wedding photography?

Kamil: I’ve been involved in wedding photography since 1999 after studying arts and photography, so I’ve had lots of practise identifying great wedding trends!

Simona: Although not as long as Kamil, I’ve been involved with wedding photography since 2008. I studied painting and then went on to start shooting weddings. I’ve since also expanded my portfolio to portrait-fashion photography.

What is your favourite wedding tradition to capture on camera?

Fortunately, we’re quite lucky as the typical Czech wedding has many traditions, so we have lots to work with! One of our favourite traditions to capture is the “false bride”, which is a tradition that happens on the morning of the ceremony, when the groom comes to the bride’s home to pick her up and ask her parents for their blessing – and another member of the wedding party, usually a man, is dressed as a bride and tries to seduce the groom!

What’s the biggest challenge shooting at a wedding?

The biggest challenge is to capture strong and impactful imagery, in a highly technical way, even with inconvenient photography conditions and lack of time throughout the day. We have to think and react fast.