I AM Elena Saia, founder of Wedding Wonderland

Elena fell in love with weddings a few years ago, when she started to plan her own. Suddenly weddings were all she could think about, and at the beginning of 2012 she founded Wedding Wonderland, a blog about creative weddings and beautiful photography. Wedding Wonderland quickly became one of the biggest Italian wedding blogs, inspiring thousands of couples’ wedding planning.

Since the beginning, Elena’s mission has been to help future brides and grooms personalise their wedding and make it all about them. Five years later, Elena is happy to call this her job. Spending several hours every day looking at photographs of people in love, Elena considers herself very lucky!
Elena Saia


Why did you choose weddings as a career?
It happened by chance! Wedding Wonderland was just a hobby in the beginning (a very time-consuming one) but I always hoped I could turn it into something more. I love working in the wedding industry - I’m always surrounded by beauty and I get to create something new everyday.

Of all of the weddings featured on your blog, which is your favourite?
There are so many! If I really had to choose I would say a gorgeous Midsummer Night’s Dream inspired wedding from earlier this year. It has everything I love; a woodland reception, bold colors, a long table under the fairy lights, a touch of gold and many more creative details.

How important do you think photography is to a wedding?
Wedding photography is extremely important - brides spend so much time thinking about every detail, the dress, the flowers, the favors, but these often last just a few hours and the wedding day goes by so fast! All couples deserve a great photographer to capture all the wonderful and precious moments.